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In Hero Generations Towns function as structures which occupy a single grid space. They allow Building growth by adjacent spaces, in which depending on your Generation Level, can grow the Town into specific Cities.

The 4 spaces next to Towns will allow you to construct special buildings that offer actions and useful resources. Buildings provide long term benefits and influence the culture of neighboring towns. Towns morph in response to combinations of buildings nearby, causing the mates in the town to take on Unique Traits.

Discoverable Town Types[edit | edit source]

Icon Buildings Requirement Produces
Metropolis Any 4 buildings around Towns.
Fortress Build 3+ Barracks around Towns. Wooden Sword every 10 years.
Ranch Build 3+ Farm around Towns. The Ranch will produce Farmer Trait every 10 years.
Golden Shrine Build 3+ Monuments around Towns. Golden Child Trait every 10 years.
Market 1 District, 1 Farm, 1 Station around Towns. The Market will produce 900 gold every 10 years.
Headquarters 2 Factories, 1 Lighthouse around Towns. The Headquarters will produce a Pickaxe every 10 years.
Castle 1 Barracks, 1 Station, 1 Academy, 1 Circus The Castle will produce a Broadsword every 6 years.
Keep Build 3+ Strongholds around Towns. The Keep will produce a Wooden Shield every 10 years.
Builder Bay Build 3+ Observatories around Towns. Wooden Hammer every 10 years.
Port Build 3+ Lighthouses around Towns. The Port will produce a Raft every 10 years.
Hamlet Level 3 Family Culture The Hamlet will produce a Mate Gift every 10 years.
Charm School Build 1 District, 1 Tavern, 1 School The Charm School will produce a Big Gift every 8 years.
Key Tower Build 1 Cathedral, 1 Blacksmith, 1 Museum The Key Tower will produce a Key every 10 years.
Hospital Build 3+ Temples around Towns. The Hospital will produce Gold every 10 years.
University Build 2 Schools, 1 Tavern, 1 Museum random rare Trait every 9 years.
Dark Cathedral 2 Cathedrals, 1 Orphanage, 1 Academy Vampire Trait every 10 years.
Floating City Build 2 Stations, 1 Monument, 1 Wonder The Floating City will produce a Flying Trait every 8 years.
Ghost Town A Shadow enemy haunts the town ?????
Kingdom Earn 12,000 Fame The Kingdom will produce a Scepter every 10 years.