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Unique Traits

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In Hero Generations Unique Traits give your hero bonuses in various ways.

To help you more instantly recognize which traits a character has, Heroes will wear a helmet or clothing piece that represents the traits that have been passed on to them. See the image to the right to see some of those traits on the player character and enemies.


List of Unique Traits and their Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Builder : Automatically repair buildings to their starting lifespan.
  • Chief : Double your base Strength when defending a town or home.
  • Chosen : if acquired at birth get +50 to stength and lifespan, and extra starter gold. Very rare trait.
  • Defender : Reduce the life lost in combat by 2.
    • Defender2 : Reduce the life lost in combat by 4.
  • Engineer : lower cost of all buildings by 10%.
    • Engineer2 : lower cost of all buildings by 25%.
  • Farmer : Lets you collect 25% more gold at Farms.
  • Firewalker : Can travel over lava and water tiles.
  • Flyer: Move over all tiles.
  • Golden : The Golden Trait lets you gain +30 to strength and lifespan at birth. A very rare trait!
  • Greedy : Take 50% more gold at Gold Mines, but don't add bonus gold cards to parenting board.
  • Guide: Reveals the location of all towns in the current world.
  • Haggler : Earn an extra 30% gold when selling items at the Trader Shop
  • Hunter : Earn 20% bonus Fame when you kill enemies and monsters.
  • LifeBlood : Add 1 rare Lifespan Card to the parenting board when mating.
  • Locksmith: Unlock locked objects in the same tile without a key 25% of the time.
  • RichBlood : Add 1 rare Money Mating Card to the parenting board when mating.
  • Seer: Reveals the type of 4 cards on the flip board when mating
  • Slayer : Receive a 25% damage bonus in combat.
    • Slayer2 : Receive a 40% damage bonus in combat.
  • Stealthy : No fame penalty from running from combat.
  • StrongBlood : The Strength Gene trait lets you add 1 rare strength Card when mating.
  • Swimmer : Can travel over water tiles.
  • Thief : Steal 25% of an opponent's money after a victory in combat.
  • Thief2 : Steal 40% of an opponent's money after a victory in combat.
  • Thief3 : Steal 50% of an opponent's money after a victory in combat.
  • Vampire: Earn back 2 lifespan when dealing damage in combat.
  • Warrior : Receive a 25% strength bonus in combat.
    • Warrior2 : Receive a 40% strength bonus in combat.