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The most unique aspect of Hero Generations is the concept of finding a mate, settling down, and having a child you can then take control of.

How It Works[edit | edit source]


Along with the goal of becoming as famous as possible in a single lifetime, you must keep an eye out for a suitable mate before your hero dies. Potential mates can be found in the town squares around the world. When you visit a town on the main map, you are taken to a zoomed in town scene, where up to 3 mates will be waiting. Mates have the following:

  • Requirement: Each mate has a requirement that your hero must meet. Examples: 15 Strength, 2000 Fame, 1500 Gold.
  • Unique Traits: You’ll be able to see what traits the mate has, that the mate may pass on to their children. Traits are permanent special abilities for your hero. Some Example traits are Warrior - has 25% more strength in combat; Swimmer - can travel over water tiles; Builder - repairs buildings in the grid space this hero occupies.
  • Mating Bonus: some mates are so desirable, that attracting them will give your hero a final boost to fame before their journey ends.
  • If your hero meets a mate’s requirement, you can choose them to be your partner. Doing so will lock in your fame score, end your journey, and transition you to the “mating game.”