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In Hero Generations Buildings are the types of structures you can build next to your Towns to add Culture and expand into the types of cities you wish to build.

According to the Kickstarter page, here's the planned Town Building tech types. Currently, Levels 3-5 are stretch goals, but will hopefully be implemented into the full version of the game.

Building Techs Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Commerce Farm Factory Blacksmith Bank Wonder
Combat Barracks Stronghold Wall Arena Tower
Exploration Observatory Station Lighthouse Skyport Portal
Family & Mates District Tavern Park / Square Orphanage Circus
Fame Museum Graveyard Cathedral Shrine Monument
Wisdom & Lifespan Temple School Jail University

List of Basic Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Farm (1000) : Gives 500 Gold every 10 years. Nearby town mates add an additional 100 Gold. Upgrades to :
    • Factory: Gives 1000 Gold every 10 years. Nearby town mates add an additional 100 Gold.
    • Wonder: Gives 1500 Gold every 10 years. New town mates are always rare.
  • Barracks (1200) : Produces 5 Strength for heroes every 10 years. Adjacent Forts add 1 Strength. Upgrades to:
  • Observatory (500) : Reveals 4 random spaces under clouds when visited. Upgrades to:
    • Station (800) : Fast travel to other locations. Establish routes by bringing tickets from here to other stations.
    • Lighthouse (600) : Keeps nearby clouds revealed even in new generations.
    • Blacksmith (3000) : Repairs all buildings connected to the same town by 80 years each turn.
  • Museum (700): 2x Fame earned for completing 'ancient treasure' Quests in adjacent towns. Upgrades to:
    • Monument: Dedicated to your family. Mates in nearby towns are always in love with you.
    • Cathedral: Mating in a nearby town provides a 2500 Fame Bonus.
  • District (800) : Adds 1 new mate to town. Upgrades to:
    • Tavern: Adds 1 new mate to town. Tavern mates leave every 5 years but have more rare traits.
    • Orphanage: Offers an orphan for adoption every 10 years.
    • Circus: Gives 4 extra card flips to heroes born in adjacent towns.
  • Temple (1000) : Produces 2 Lifespan for heroes every 16 years.
    • School: Produces books every 15 years that teach new traits.